Cyber Punk Trick-or-Treating

Author, Kara Skye Smith, is giving her readers Halloween treats early, or even a little late:

October 27th - 30th; The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass, vampire trilogy book 3 ebook is free at

Halloween - November 3rd; The Quill Pen Killer - first book in the trilogy - ebook is on free promotion.  No doubt the fun is so hilarious and spooky, you'll want to buy book 2 or skip knowing about Jessica's college life and cast of character undeads.  Read about these immortals on Day of the Dead (November 1st): reviews unduly healthy in a ghostly world.  Happy Haunting Halloween!!! AhAhhhhuhuh.

Watch Evil Owl go Dracula on potential predatorsa Halloween-y natural defense.

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