15 Facts about The Vampire DeAngeliuson - New Cyber-Punk, Vampire Trilogy:

The Legend of Stygian Downs is book II in the trilogy:The Vampire 

  1. Jessica is a vampire.
  2. Jessica was once expelled from school.
  3. Jessica does not care for her Father's celebrity lifestyle.  She prefers home life, reading, school, and her friends.
  4. More than just a few undeads work for the Postal Service.
  5. A vampire bite's cellular drain doesn't necessarily kill.
  6. Jessica has long, dark hair.
  7. Jessica gets good grades.
  8. Trolls lurk in the Underworld's In Between.
  9. Jessica likes the look of gargoyles, which Theopolis finds creepy.
  10. Jessica's hometown newspaper is called, The Tide.
  11. The author of this trilogy never forgets to italicize The Tide, yet often doesn't italicize the titles of her own books. (?!)
  12. Jessica was raised by her father (a notorious vampire in his younger days) and their House Manager, Mattressa.
  13. Jessica's mother was a mortal.
  14. (Spoiler Alert!) Book III in the series begins with Jessica married to a mortal whom she met in book two.
  15. In a Rock-Paper-Scissors game of Underworlders, Vampire beats Witch, anyday! (according to vampires of the Underworld Castle.)

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