Upcoming Promotion Dates to Remember

Not a kids book, this novel takes on
some intense historical events and a
topic people often think about
during Thanksgiving:the meaning of home.
Author, Kara Skye Smith, has scheduled Free Amazon and Countdown Promotions for the holiday season.

November.  Thanksgiving weekend, Leadville: 300 Days Away will be free in e-book form.  The author has a very small family and thinks this is a great way to reach out to those who might have less than huge gatherings at home, or after ingesting turkey (or tofurkey) - a perfect activity to go with lounging around on the couch.

December.  During the second (shopping) week, The Faerie Ring Dance, also by Kara Skye Smithwill go on promotion to stock those readers you might have bought for the holidays.

January.  The winners of the Oregon Book Awards will be announced.  Our fingers are crossed.

Links and exact dates to follow this post.  Until then, happy Write a Novel in a Month, month!!

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