Fae-tality Publishing's Suggestions for Summer Reading Lists

Filling out fields for a Kindle E-Book Reading List for Kids, it became apparent that many e-books for children are either classic literature, such as The Wizard of Oz and Just So's Fables, or they are priced over $9.  Fae-tality Publishing has three must-read titles to add to summer reading lists, but they have yet to be categorized for readership according to the age groups.

Every age can love these books, however, book groups for everyone aren't on the list - which would be terrific for books like Harry Potter and Farenheit 451.  For this post and list offer purposes, Fae-tality Publishing has deciphered age groups by title. Parents and young readers can add these e-books to their e-readers at a value, plus, they are truly as much fun to read as the imaginative children's classics. These books are in the most popular genre for kids books - the fantasy genre - and with vampires, faeries, and a whole host of Underworld nair-do-wells and mal-contents, the summer could be quite fun.  So, if we must classify - and we must - for the book clubbers' lists, then here goes:

According to Reader Age Group Classifications:  Baby - 3, 4 - 8, 9 - 12, Teen

The Faerie Ring Dance - loved by 4-8 and 9-12 - however 9 out of 10 babies (would surely) agree, "A great read!"
The Quill Pen Killer - Best for ages 6 - 13 (Oops! Not even a category!)
The Legend of Stygian Downs - ('Tiny bit scary which is better defined as 'getting the creeps' in one part) So for this reason, best suited for ages 7 - Teen, although if you're having a back yard camp-out or party, reading this book saves one the energy of trying to give kids the creeps -  half the fun - and it is about vampires, afterall.  This read is not for Twilight series substitution, however. It isn't nearly Vampire Academy YA. It's a clean, teen read with a side of silly - no melodrama without canned cheese - intentionally.  It doesn't make fun of Twilight or Vampire Academy books and movies, instead its less of a drain, A positive, type O, chipper even.  Fun.  Can vampires be fun? Sort of.  Anyway, kids might get the creeps, but it is much lighter fare than YA.

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