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June FREE E-Book Promotions 

June 25th - 29th - The Quill Pen Killer, book i

Just who is the Quill Pen Killer?  I don't want to spoil it for you, dear readers, but when the lunch lady comes up missing vital fluids, something must be done to quell that quill!  Jessica is the darling daughter of a notorious and evil vampire - at least he was until he settled down to raise a family. She and her friend, Raven, attempt to help 'solve' some of the mysterious occurrences which she assumes just might involve her 'dad'.  But, when the two go in to do some research, they only get deeper involved in the case, and Jessica falls under an ancient vampire victim's spell. Alas, Jessica's sleuthing gets out of control when even the Head Master at Jessica's school notices some of the staff drained and zombied-out. What can be done to quell the quill pen killer? You'll have to read to find out!

June 19th - 23rdThe Legend of Stygian Downs, book ii will be FREE on the Kindle Store!

In The Legend of Stygian Downs, Jessica - beloved, bookish, and reluctant vampire - has embarked on a college education in an English town that just so happens to be an ancient 'haunt' of her of-the-blood ancestors. Off to college to 'get away' from Dad's constant nudgings toward fright life, she actually gets into a bit more vampire legend than she can control. 

Inspire a summer filled with reading when you start your young readers off with this fun, action-packed vampire mystery series.

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