Fae-tality Publishing started after author, Kara Skye Smith, had some trouble with her print-on-demand publishing experience with CreateSpace - Amazon's direct self-publishing source.  There were edits that didn't make sense in the proofs and although before sending the documents to be published, she'd poured over and over the fine details, some things just weren't coming together as they did before uploading.  With not too many options to contact any live person at CreateSpace, Kara was encouraged to purchase her own EIN and register with Bowker.  Out of heart break came a whole new vision - to be an independently published author as well as a traditionally published author, a.k.a. a hybrid.  Hybrid authors are not uncommon.  Many authors have gone from traditional publishers to independently published, and many on-demand published authors have chosen to create or join an independent publisher.

This is the story of how Fae-tality Publishing began, and it is now 4 years old.  With a minimum of two new titles per year, the list of 6 children's book titles and 1 adult, historical fiction play into paperback, await two new titles to join the list this year, by 2016.

Fae-tality Publishing currently publishes only books by Kara Skye Smith, however the idea of adding authors in the future is not out-of -the-question.  Fae-tality Publishing is a sole-proprietor.  Kara Skye is an author under the pen name Kara Skye Smith and legally owns these titles:
The Faerie Ring Dance, by Kara Skye Smith
The Quill Pen Killer, by Kara Skye Smith
The Legend of Stygian Downs, by Kara Skye Smith
The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass, by Kara Skye Smith
ABC World of Creatures, illustrated and edited by Kara Skye Smith
1 title is traditionally published under a division of Penguin and so is not listed, here.
Adult, historical fiction titles:
Chagall: 12-Sided Hallway, by Kara Skye Smith
Leadville: 300 Days Away, by Kara Skye Smith

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