Free Ebooks Every Fall

Every October - and 2015 won't be any different - Fae-tality Publishing offers the 3 books in the vampire trilogy: The Vampire DeAngeliuson - FREE in ebook format over the week before and the week of Halloween.

Every December The Faerie Ring Dance is also offered FREE for one week - a great way to bring reading fun to a busy month, for all ages but especially for readers younger than middle grades.

Library Writer's Project - this seminar is over the course of the entire Fall season at different Portland area libraries.  Here is the link to find out more about it: WRITE!!

So just what goes on every November? NaNoWriMo - or Write a Novel in a Month, month. Check out this link to join in the frenzy:

July Events

Insomniac Writers Group, July 1st, Arbor Cafe, Portland, Oregon, North Interstate Avenue

Cafe Writers' Book Festival, July 26th, Portland, OR

Attendance Cancelled

Camp NaNoWriMo

Write Around

During July's Summer Camp for NaNoWriMo authors, Fae-tality Publishing author Kara Skye Smith will be writing around Portland, Oregon and leaving information, here, about where she will be writing out in public.  
"Whether in a group or at a lonely, cafe table, once a week I'll write where I am supposed to, during the times mentioned, so that you can join me, stare at me, write with me - but don't poke at me!  I'll leave excerpts, here, from the writing I did that day, so that you can read what I was typing (or scribbling down) while you were refraining from poking at me or throwing your fork across the room.  Camp Rules."

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