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The working title, Elizabeth Bennet WEREWITCH, (now the title of Part 1) has been changed to Pride and Predator as this book is based on Jane Austen's book, Pride and Prejudice.  It is about the romantic premise that Austen laid out so well between the slighted by Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth, and himself; however, there is a predator in the woods outside of Meryton, and its existence has more than a just a little to do with the misguided craft of a coven of girls that Elizabeth Bennet formed, naming herself the high-priestess.  There main objections are love spells, spill-the-beans or tell-all castings, and certainly protection for themselves and the ones they love.  The latter is where their skills in dabbling with witchcraft fall short of the powers of the ancient tools they've collected from an old curiosity shop in Meryton where Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Kitty, and sometimes even Mary often walk to shop and browse, pass the time and meet the officers who are camped at the opposite edge of the woods.  When attacks occur and conjuring beasts is the accusation that lead to a group of concerned citizens with Colonel Forster in to the house of the Bennets to accuse Elizabeth Bennet of witchcraft, dear Mr. Collins, the parishoner who is staying at Longbourn, asks the men to join in the reading of sermons to the girls.  Jane, the perfect object of country girl goodness has just been left behind by the most eligible suitor from Derbyshire to Rosings - Mr. Charles Bingley the owner of the Netherfield estate.  After the ball he holds where only Jane has captured his attentions, the Investigator and Mr. Jones, the apothecary are attacked at the edge of the woods.  Clues lead the apothecary - the only one to have escaped alive, from an attack, to Elizabeth, but he'd lost a lot of blood, and even the Colonel knows that any girl worth her salt in witchcraft could have brought Bingley and Jane together - not apart!  Now it seems he has run off to London leaving the comely Jane to sit by the fire while Mr. Collins reads sermons.  Assuming the trail a dead end, Elizabeth is not bothered any more by the group, but the whisperings in Meryton turn to hisses and she escapes to visit her friends at the Parish in Hunsford, where she again runs into Mr. Darcy at the Rosings estate.

The predator is a protector, and though magick is sworn off by most of the girls in the coven, one lonely, misunderstood girl continues her practice with only Elizabeth occasionally driven to look in on her.  Mary Bennet is the Wednesday Addams of the group.  The color assigned to her by her mother is dark brown, her eyes and hair are even darker, and her general outlook is positively occult. She stirs a little more than practical magick up for the chalice, hidden in the wooden, woman's vanity box, next to the grimoire, beneath the potting bench in the shed.  She's a good girl who wants to protect her parents from losing their home and her sisters from becoming old without marrying; but, she has been forgotten, often even by her mother, and magick is no way to seek attention - unless its the whole town's attention you're seeking.
This book is to be out sometime before Halloween 2016.  And is being written as you read this. Here is a snippet to go:

'Elizabeth took the large, ancient book of magick and wrapped it in her shawl.  She closed the girls' book of shadows and returned it to its hiding place in the wooden, women's vanity box and hid it back beneath the potting shed.  She shoved the piece of parchment paper into her pocket which already contained the amulet, and resigned herself a walking beacon of the evidence of witchcraft - which had been whispered about from Hertfordshire to Rosings since the first night's search in the woods.  She began to worry what the Investigator would do to her if someone were to plough into her, knock her over, and spill the magical contents she was packing on to the ground for all to see.  But, then she remembered that the Investigator was gone; the words "taken care of" floated into her mind as though she had read them off a page penned from another person's hand, and she blinked at the cold, harsh ring to those words.'

This is a new title from Fae-tality Publishing, 2016.  At first, the author Kara Skye, was including offers which did not pan out; and, the publishing industry knows this is how to be the Whisper of the decade no life was too boring so its going to be a good book at the least!

Another Giveaway?!! December 5th Another Giveaway Begins!

Loveable and heroic this the Irish Pixie Gnome left behind the first, actual account of the magic and merriment inside the Faeries Ring!  Found in the hollow of the Six-Shaped tree, it was simply signed, N. T.   - The Faerie Ring Dance
Tradition is what the holiday season is for, isn't it?  And, just as it is tradition at Fae-tality Publishing to give free ebooks about vampires at trick-or-treat time, it is tradition to give The Faerie Ring Dance free Kindle ebook in December when babysitters traditionally read to children past their bedtimes, when parents attend holiday parties.  When Wendy first followed Peter Pan out the window, this author leads kids through the faeries ring just outside the town known as Old Soul's Hollow.

What kind of magic goes on inside the faeries ring?  Its best to find out wrapped in warm blankets while reading The Faerie Ring Dance.  It is too cold outside, to go hunting down rings of grass that grow more green, or forest floors where toadstools grow in a circle beneath trees like the Magical Yew or the Six-Shaped Tree.

Buy the book bundled with this illustration, mounted on wood canvas - a gift for readers who love this gnomes - especially this Irish-Pixie Gnome!!

Free downloads begin December 5th through December 9th.  

Download the Ebook 
from the author's Amazon page and find some Book Faeries to make or Mushroom Ornaments in her Yuletide Ornament series with The Faerie Project at


Have You Heard? A Halloween Giveaway Is Underway!

Beginning today - October 20th - three fun-filled and action-packed vampire mystery ebooks will be given away to readers and subscribers in waves of 5 day increments until November 3rd when the giveaway wraps up and the reading frenzy begins.

First Book in the Halloween Giveaway - free download October 20th to 24th!

(see the side bar for free Kindle app for your phone or laptop).  Then check back for the other two books in the trilogy to read FREE.  Everyone's a winner with this season of frightful fun reading and the vampires in this trilogy.

All apologies!!  Amazon does not allow reviews on freely downloaded ebooks.  The author did not think it was right to charge readers of children's books for the downloads or to enter the drawing. Aware that readers of awesome kid lit are already often easily led down dark, forested paths, following in the footsteps of a wolf - to carry cookies to grandma - she didn't think it right to charge.

Hopefully, you downloaded the books and had Halloween reading fun during the trick-or-treat season.


Why Fae-taility Publishing Is An Independent Publisher

Fae-tality Publishing is an independent publishing, um, label.  Like music labels often have independent producers who pitch their music, songs, and lyrics to Sony - or they conduct their own business without the bigger production houses - the same can be done with publishing.  Random House, William Morris, Penguin - these are major publishers.  Once an author signs with a major publisher, all independent publisher duties belong to the contractual agreement as determined by an author-signed contract.

Isn't Independent Publishing Just Self-Publishing - With the Vanity of Using Another Name?

Not really.  It requires an agreement, purchasing a number, and then, yes, registering a publisher name.  It also requires a minimum number of new titles a year, having a maintaining a website, listing with book buyers lists and registering with Bowker - where all the worlds books can be catalogued for purchase.  Very much like an indie music label so these publishers began being called Independent Publishers.  The range of what those words mean can be anywhere from a sole proprietor producing a minimum of 2 new titles per year, to an Independent Publisher with a widely known name contracting with many authors per year and still not becoming a standard, traditional publisher, although in partnership with their author list and can even incorporate to become a corporation.

Which one is Fae-tality Publishing?
A sole-proprietor producing (and scrambling to publish) a minimum two titles per year.  What does this offer the author?  A lot of hard work.  Writing, editing, blogging, vlogging (oh my!), and publishing.

What does this offer readers of Fae-tality Publishing books, then?
Free e-books!  Every October - the month vampires just love to carouse in their traditional garb at least one day a year - Fae-tality Publishing offers FREE ebooks - the DeAngeliuson vampire trilogy - each will be free for 1 week this coming October.  And don't forget the annual FREE ebook: The Faerie Ring Dance - every December.  Its a great way to entertain the younger than middle grade reader or have family fun in the busy, and short, month of December.  Free ebook offers will be posted, here, on the blog and on Facebook.

The libraries in Portland, Oregon will be holding discussions about Independent Publishing, writing, and becoming an author this Fall, 2015.  If you live in the area, check out this link - Library Writers Projectfor information about upcoming seminars.

If you would like to be able to check out Fae-tality Publishing books at local Portland libraries, leave a comment, or send an Email with your request.  Wait for these 3 Free ebooks, or buy them - in paperback and ebook - now:

The Vampire DeAngeliuson Trilogy


New VLOG for Faerie Fans and The Faerie Ring Dance's Author to Connect

Good advice!
Do you know a child who likes fairies?  The Faerie Ring Dance is sure to bring a smile, a laugh, and even spontaneous cavorting to kids - young and grown.

To connect with people who know at least a little bit about faery folk, the author is vlogging - month by month - the Faerie Project, for faerie fans.  She is paper sculpting faery dresses, winding wands with jewelled gems, and adding faery dust to just about every project so far.  One dress and one extra project each month for a full year of Faerie Project magic.

Links and vlog posts

For information about the project and some terrific, ideas for a fairy birthday party or celebration go here: The Faerie Project.


First Fae-tality Book for 2015

A Burrowing Owl from
Owl Skate will be the first children's book published at Fae-tality Publishing this year.  This children's book about owls who skateboard has a mission, to encourage reading and help de-mystify vowel combinations in a fun, skater lingo rhyme.  The illustrations have been featured, here, and are the focus of the book, which will be out sometime before summer.  Kids can watch new characters being created, here, on video, or participate in art activities and games about wildlife at: Urban Explorer Kids.

Willow, the dystopia children's novel about a girl caught between two-worlds with very different expectations of her, has been put on hold to be published.  The pre-writing state took a back-seat to a slough of cascading computer set-backs at the end of 2014.  It will be released in 2016, instead.

Kara Skye Smith's Fae-tality Published, cyber-punk, vampire trilogy - The Vampire DeAngeliuson - has enjoyed some fame, already, in 2015.  Read over the loud speaker, and featured at the established, Oregon author's meet-and-greet, Holiday Cheer at the Oregon Historical Society, it has received glowing reviews for kids.  The Quill Pen Killer, The Legend of Stygian Downs, and The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass are all now in paperback and for sale at Barnes and Noble, online.


Holiday Cheer!

Come visit, get a book signed, and even buy some awesome books!  Over 80 Oregon authors at the annual show.  Author Kara Skye Smith's Vampire Trilogy will be available in print - paperbacks - for the first time!  The author list is very Oregon author - impressive!  So proud to be a part of it all.  Be sure to say hello and drop in for an amazing, holiday book buying afternoon.

Upcoming Promotion Dates to Remember

Not a kids book, this novel takes on
some intense historical events and a
topic people often think about
during Thanksgiving:the meaning of home.
Author, Kara Skye Smith, has scheduled Free Amazon and Countdown Promotions for the holiday season.

November.  Thanksgiving weekend, Leadville: 300 Days Away will be free in e-book form.  The author has a very small family and thinks this is a great way to reach out to those who might have less than huge gatherings at home, or after ingesting turkey (or tofurkey) - a perfect activity to go with lounging around on the couch.

December.  During the second (shopping) week, The Faerie Ring Dance, also by Kara Skye Smithwill go on promotion to stock those readers you might have bought for the holidays.

January.  The winners of the Oregon Book Awards will be announced.  Our fingers are crossed.

Links and exact dates to follow this post.  Until then, happy Write a Novel in a Month, month!!


Cyber Punk Trick-or-Treating

Author, Kara Skye Smith, is giving her readers Halloween treats early, or even a little late:

October 27th - 30th; The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass, vampire trilogy book 3 ebook is free at

Halloween - November 3rd; The Quill Pen Killer - first book in the trilogy - ebook is on free promotion.  No doubt the fun is so hilarious and spooky, you'll want to buy book 2 or skip knowing about Jessica's college life and cast of character undeads.  Read about these immortals on Day of the Dead (November 1st): reviews unduly healthy in a ghostly world.  Happy Haunting Halloween!!! AhAhhhhuhuh.

Watch Evil Owl go Dracula on potential predatorsa Halloween-y natural defense.


15 Facts about The Vampire DeAngeliuson - New Cyber-Punk, Vampire Trilogy:

The Legend of Stygian Downs is book II in the trilogy:The Vampire 

  1. Jessica is a vampire.
  2. Jessica was once expelled from school.
  3. Jessica does not care for her Father's celebrity lifestyle.  She prefers home life, reading, school, and her friends.
  4. More than just a few undeads work for the Postal Service.
  5. A vampire bite's cellular drain doesn't necessarily kill.
  6. Jessica has long, dark hair.
  7. Jessica gets good grades.
  8. Trolls lurk in the Underworld's In Between.
  9. Jessica likes the look of gargoyles, which Theopolis finds creepy.
  10. Jessica's hometown newspaper is called, The Tide.
  11. The author of this trilogy never forgets to italicize The Tide, yet often doesn't italicize the titles of her own books. (?!)
  12. Jessica was raised by her father (a notorious vampire in his younger days) and their House Manager, Mattressa.
  13. Jessica's mother was a mortal.
  14. (Spoiler Alert!) Book III in the series begins with Jessica married to a mortal whom she met in book two.
  15. In a Rock-Paper-Scissors game of Underworlders, Vampire beats Witch, anyday! (according to vampires of the Underworld Castle.)


Anthology! At Last!!

Anthology is the trilogy book trailer with a sneak peek at all novels in the series.  In sort of a comic themed video based on the trilogy author's sarcasm, readers get a sense of the content including the not-yet-released third novel which is due out this month. The art is all done by the author, and is as back-to-school as book reports and lunch money.  Don't forget to check the Book Shop for this fun, vampire mystery-adventure series!

What's to come at Fae-tality Publishing?  Willow, a cyber-punk dystopian novel that was started at Camp NaNoWriMo.  The trailer and cover art will be released in November, with the novel due out in December, 2014.  Also, dressable Jessica, Raven, and Theopolis are as avatars in their virtual world - Vampire DeAngeliuson at GuildPortal.  They'll dress for school, parties at Ickabod's, the Underworld Castle, college, and dorm room.  The guild's subdomain is Jessica,

Don't forget to review the free e-books.  Find updates, here, about new books - and free promotions - when available.


ABC Picture E-Book for Interactive Learning

Edited and illustrated by author, 
Kara Skye Smith, the ebook 
is available at Kindle Books.
ABC World of Creatures poster by
author, Kara Skye Smith for signing-up.
New Kindle e-book, ABC World of Creatures,  is an illustrated, animal alphabet book for kids.  Utilizing the text-to-speech feature of new apps, the e-book becomes an interactive toy. Kids can read along, guess at, and even learn to read the creatures' names while practicing their ABCs.  It's captivating animal illustrations hold wiggle worms still, settling active minds into reading and learning with fun, brightly colored creatures. 

Sign-Up to Win!! ABC World of Creatures Poster Giveaway

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To Enter Fill out the Contact Us form on the sidebar (for those on SMS - mobile, click Web Version for access to the sidebar). Put the word FAE GIVEAWAY in the section for comments. You will be entered to win all current giveaways. Thanks!!


Fae-tality Publishing's Suggestions for Summer Reading Lists

Filling out fields for a Kindle E-Book Reading List for Kids, it became apparent that many e-books for children are either classic literature, such as The Wizard of Oz and Just So's Fables, or they are priced over $9.  Fae-tality Publishing has three must-read titles to add to summer reading lists, but they have yet to be categorized for readership according to the age groups.

Every age can love these books, however, book groups for everyone aren't on the list - which would be terrific for books like Harry Potter and Farenheit 451.  For this post and list offer purposes, Fae-tality Publishing has deciphered age groups by title. Parents and young readers can add these e-books to their e-readers at a value, plus, they are truly as much fun to read as the imaginative children's classics. These books are in the most popular genre for kids books - the fantasy genre - and with vampires, faeries, and a whole host of Underworld nair-do-wells and mal-contents, the summer could be quite fun.  So, if we must classify - and we must - for the book clubbers' lists, then here goes:

According to Reader Age Group Classifications:  Baby - 3, 4 - 8, 9 - 12, Teen

The Faerie Ring Dance - loved by 4-8 and 9-12 - however 9 out of 10 babies (would surely) agree, "A great read!"
The Quill Pen Killer - Best for ages 6 - 13 (Oops! Not even a category!)
The Legend of Stygian Downs - ('Tiny bit scary which is better defined as 'getting the creeps' in one part) So for this reason, best suited for ages 7 - Teen, although if you're having a back yard camp-out or party, reading this book saves one the energy of trying to give kids the creeps -  half the fun - and it is about vampires, afterall.  This read is not for Twilight series substitution, however. It isn't nearly Vampire Academy YA. It's a clean, teen read with a side of silly - no melodrama without canned cheese - intentionally.  It doesn't make fun of Twilight or Vampire Academy books and movies, instead its less of a drain, A positive, type O, chipper even.  Fun.  Can vampires be fun? Sort of.  Anyway, kids might get the creeps, but it is much lighter fare than YA.


Now Available on Junglee too!

Action-packed adventure in the faerie-inhabited North Woods is causing children to clap and cheer for the story's main character as far away as the UK.  The Faerie Ring Dance retells Irish lore about faerie rings - a naturally occuring geological formation found in forest clearings.
This children's book is sure to be a classic.  Perfect for early-to-middle readers, this novel thrills young imaginations.  Embarking on a faerie adventure in the North Woods, readers find out just what happens when a human steps inside the Faeries' Ring.

Are the legends true about the faerie inhabited woods near Old Soul's Hollow?  To find out what actually goes on inside a faerie's ring, read this eye-witness account - found in the hollow of a six-shaped tree, dated 1910, simply signed, N.T.


Two FREE E-Books for Kids - Start Summer Reading June Book Promotions

Young Reader Vampire Series for Fun, Fun, FREE Summer Reads

Stock your readers and Kindle apps with books from Fae-tality Publishing for summer reading adventure and mystery!

June FREE E-Book Promotions 

June 25th - 29th - The Quill Pen Killer, book i

Just who is the Quill Pen Killer?  I don't want to spoil it for you, dear readers, but when the lunch lady comes up missing vital fluids, something must be done to quell that quill!  Jessica is the darling daughter of a notorious and evil vampire - at least he was until he settled down to raise a family. She and her friend, Raven, attempt to help 'solve' some of the mysterious occurrences which she assumes just might involve her 'dad'.  But, when the two go in to do some research, they only get deeper involved in the case, and Jessica falls under an ancient vampire victim's spell. Alas, Jessica's sleuthing gets out of control when even the Head Master at Jessica's school notices some of the staff drained and zombied-out. What can be done to quell the quill pen killer? You'll have to read to find out!

June 19th - 23rdThe Legend of Stygian Downs, book ii will be FREE on the Kindle Store!

In The Legend of Stygian Downs, Jessica - beloved, bookish, and reluctant vampire - has embarked on a college education in an English town that just so happens to be an ancient 'haunt' of her of-the-blood ancestors. Off to college to 'get away' from Dad's constant nudgings toward fright life, she actually gets into a bit more vampire legend than she can control. 

Inspire a summer filled with reading when you start your young readers off with this fun, action-packed vampire mystery series.


Get Your FREE Kindle App

 The Legend of Stygian Downs
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Book Three in the Trilogy - The Vampire DeAngeliuson

The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass, book iii in the life and times of Jessica, the youngest (and most reluctant blood 'borrower') of the DeAngeliuson's ancient line is out!!  The planned summer release was post-poned; but, by the time leaves began to fall from the trees and before their bare branches make spooky shadows across the window panes and the wind makes strange bumps in the night, the book was launched! Now available for ducking under the covers with your flashlights.  Trusty heroine, Jessica, sent to save fright-life's Underworld from a murderous Witch, cause her ancient line to come calling - beckoning 'night rides' at the window of the newly-wedded, darling to devoted, mortal Drew.

Two questions you might have had after reading book two: Where did Raven go?  Was he really that freaked out to mistrust miss Jessica after just her first 'feed' on the lunch lady rather than the lunch line?  Yes.

And... Does Theopolis disappear, now, too - now that Jessica chose mortal Drew as her life long (as long as a human life lasts) love?  No, but that turns out to be the Witch's fault, not Jessica's.  He re-appears in book iii for an update.

And now another update:  plans for creating the trilogy's Anthology, aren't just plans, anymore.  The drudgery and intensity has begun in matching imaginative, creepy, and hopefully fun-to-read images with each character's escapades and is "O, villans!" underway. "Stakes and poor choices to go out alone!" See the Anthology video, above.