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Action-packed adventure in the faerie-inhabited North Woods is causing children to clap and cheer for the story's main character as far away as the UK.  The Faerie Ring Dance retells Irish lore about faerie rings - a naturally occuring geological formation found in forest clearings.
This children's book is sure to be a classic.  Perfect for early-to-middle readers, this novel thrills young imaginations.  Embarking on a faerie adventure in the North Woods, readers find out just what happens when a human steps inside the Faeries' Ring.

Are the legends true about the faerie inhabited woods near Old Soul's Hollow?  To find out what actually goes on inside a faerie's ring, read this eye-witness account - found in the hollow of a six-shaped tree, dated 1910, simply signed, N.T.

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  1. My little sister loves reading fairy tales. And I Kara Skye's Fairy Tales and bought this as a gift to my sister and she just love it! Great story - would recommend it to anyone!