Have You Heard? A Halloween Giveaway Is Underway!

Beginning today - October 20th - three fun-filled and action-packed vampire mystery ebooks will be given away to readers and subscribers in waves of 5 day increments until November 3rd when the giveaway wraps up and the reading frenzy begins.

First Book in the Halloween Giveaway - free download October 20th to 24th!

(see the side bar for free Kindle app for your phone or laptop).  Then check back for the other two books in the trilogy to read FREE.  Everyone's a winner with this season of frightful fun reading and the vampires in this trilogy.

All apologies!!  Amazon does not allow reviews on freely downloaded ebooks.  The author did not think it was right to charge readers of children's books for the downloads or to enter the drawing. Aware that readers of awesome kid lit are already often easily led down dark, forested paths, following in the footsteps of a wolf - to carry cookies to grandma - she didn't think it right to charge.

Hopefully, you downloaded the books and had Halloween reading fun during the trick-or-treat season.

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