Another Giveaway?!! December 5th Another Giveaway Begins!

Loveable and heroic this the Irish Pixie Gnome left behind the first, actual account of the magic and merriment inside the Faeries Ring!  Found in the hollow of the Six-Shaped tree, it was simply signed, N. T.   - The Faerie Ring Dance
Tradition is what the holiday season is for, isn't it?  And, just as it is tradition at Fae-tality Publishing to give free ebooks about vampires at trick-or-treat time, it is tradition to give The Faerie Ring Dance free Kindle ebook in December when babysitters traditionally read to children past their bedtimes, when parents attend holiday parties.  When Wendy first followed Peter Pan out the window, this author leads kids through the faeries ring just outside the town known as Old Soul's Hollow.

What kind of magic goes on inside the faeries ring?  Its best to find out wrapped in warm blankets while reading The Faerie Ring Dance.  It is too cold outside, to go hunting down rings of grass that grow more green, or forest floors where toadstools grow in a circle beneath trees like the Magical Yew or the Six-Shaped Tree.

Buy the book bundled with this illustration, mounted on wood canvas - a gift for readers who love this gnomes - especially this Irish-Pixie Gnome!!

Free downloads begin December 5th through December 9th.  

Download the Ebook 
from the author's Amazon page and find some Book Faeries to make or Mushroom Ornaments in her Yuletide Ornament series with The Faerie Project at

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